Spraying Hydrostatics

Hydrostatic Transmission Service, LLC offers hydrostatic, hydraulic, repair of pumps, motors, valves, hydrostatic transmissions, hydrostatic drives, hydrostatic equipment for the following companies:

  • · AG SPRAY Equipment Inc. - Our agricultural spray equipment includes sprayers, pto pumps, tips and nozzles, and sprayer controls and manufactures custom sprayers.
  • · Air-o-Fan - Manufactures orchard and vineyard sprayers, dusters and fans since 1945. Known as the growers choice.
  • · A and L Supply - Fertilizer application equipment including: agricultural sprayers, fittings, storage tanks for ammonia and other liquids, spray nozzles, metering pumps, and monitors.
  • · ASPEE - Produce a variety of Agricultural Equipnnent ranging from Manually Operated to Power Operated to Ultra low Volume sprayers to suit the size and pocket of every farmer.
  • · Bertolini Pumps - Diaphragm spraying pumps and high pressure piston pumps for agriculture use.
  • · Braglia Snc - Agricultural & Industrial Spraying parts manufacturer & designer
  • · BrandTek - For large capacity turf and ornamental pesticide and herbicide spraying. This low turn radius machine comes equipped with a fertilizer, spreader, and blower.
  • · CIMA - Low volume sprayers, dusters and weeding-machines
  • · COMMANDER Trailed sprayers - HARDI has made this COMMANDER Agriculture Field sprayer with possibility of Steel, Aluminium, and Air Assisted (TWIN FORCE) booms. Tanks sizes from 2200 to 4200 litres.
  • · Cooper Pegler - Hand operated spraying equipment. Sprayers for pesticide application. Sprayers for tropical agriculture . Pesticide spraying. Tropical spray equipment.
  • · Croplands - Australian manufacturer of all types of Agricultural Spray Equipment, ranging from garden equipment to 5000 litre Broadacre trailled sprayers.
  • · Enviromist Industries Pty Ltd - Weed control equipment.
  • · Fimco Industries - Lawn and garden and agricultural equipment.
  • · Finn hydroseeders, sprayers, mulchers, spreaders - Manufacturer of Hydroseeder and bark blowers, straw blowers, compact skid steers, and the hydroseeder additive system.
  • · F/S Manufacturing - We sell field sprayers, lawn sprayers, an assortment of Ag sprayers and Hy-trux.
  • · Goldacres - Agricultural sprayers including self propelled, broadacre, vineyard, rowcrop, linkage 12 volt. Made in Australia
  • · GPS SPRAYERS LTD - Gloria Sprayers, Metal & Plastic, Pesticide Powder Applicators, iK Chemi-Resist Sprayers
  • · Greenleaf Technologies - Spray nozzle for precision application of crop protection products, including high and low pressure TurboDrop Venturi Nozzles and SprayMax Nozzles.
  • · HARDI Australia - 2000 catalog, Self propelled, Air assisted, and Trailed. Dealer lists for each state and the HARDI News sections.
  • · HARDI INTERNATIONAL - HARDI manufacturer of agriculture Sprayers. We focus on innovation and application technology. Our product range includes: field sprayer, mist blowers, knapsacks, ISO nozzles for farmers, winegrowers, orchards...
  • · HARDI Ltd - HARDI Ltd. offers a complete range of Agricultural, Amenity, and Compression Sprayers to suit all customers specific needs, Alpha self propelled, COMMANDER trailed sprayer. Also decision support Nozzle shopping.
  • · JHC chalfoun - Our products are : Knapsack sprayers, Pressure Sprayer, Vaporisor, Double Action Pump, Manual pumps.
  • · Knight Farm Machinery Ltd - Offers trailer sprayers.
  • · Living Fountain Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer & exporter of dispenser pumps, plastic trigger sprayers, garden sprayers, lotion pumps, cosmetic dispensers, caps, moulds.
  • · Marolex - producer of garden sprayers - Polish manufacturer of Garden sprayers : Hand sprayers, hand perssuied sprayer and knapsack sprayer.
  • · McGregor Sprayers - McGregor Sprayers are designed and built to provide many years of trouble-free spraying with a minimum amount of maintenance.
  • · Micron - ULVA+ designed for small farmers in the developing world, to the vehicle mounted Micromax and Ulvamast machines, also the air-assisted Turbair and Ulvafan range used for applications in enclosed spaces such as greenhouses and public health est control and the MOTAX sprayer for bush and vine crops.

  • · 4 Mower Products Quick detachable attachments for Commercial mowers - Commercial mower attachments, quick detatching, fertilizer spreader, sprayer, blower, Spread4mower, Spray4mower, Blower4mower, fertilizer spreader has Automatic Gate Opening.
  • · Nozzles for agriculture - HARDI comprise a series of ISO Nozzles including liquid fertiliser, Flat Fan, Low Drift and INJET. Find the right nozzle to your sprayer with online calibration programme.
  • · PBM Supply & Mfg. - Sprayers, ag & industrial equipment. Manufactures and distributes a variety of Sprayers, Tanks, Tank Trailers, and Accessories for Agricultural and Industrial needs.
  • · Prapopoulos Bros s.a. - Manufacturers of agricultural sprayers, dusters, garden tools and inox tanks.
  • · Pro Ag Spectrum Electrostatic Sprayer Manufacturing - Spectrum Electrostatic Sprayers for orchards and vineyards.
  • · Pro Spray Equipment - On-line catalog of spray equipment and spray packages for pest control operators and landscape professionals, along with sprayer pumps, hoses, hose reels, and accessories.
  • · Redball - Redball manufactures agricultural sprayers, application and spraying equipment and sprayer accessories. From ag sprayers to sprayer parts, we produce high-quality agricultural spraying equipment.
  • · RHS - Agricultural sprayers, crop sprayers, farm sprayers, and other equipment offered.
  • · Silvan Pumps & Sprayers (Australia) Pty. Ltd. - A leading provider of agricultural machinery and accessories. Silvan Spraying, Agripower Farm Machinery and Selecta Merchandise are represented by a dealer network throughout Australia. Silvan are distributors for Teejet, Hypro, Nobili, Shurflo, Flojet, Comet and Cima products.
  • · Slimline Manufacturing - Offering Turbo-mist agricultural airblast and other sprayers, as well as stainless steel wine tanks. Specifications and picture galleries. Located in Penticton, BC, Canada.
  • · Spectrum Electrostatic Sprayers, Inc. - Provides ground based and aerial electrostatic spraying systems.
  • · Spray Innovations, Inc. - Manufacturer of air-blast mist sprayers and debris blowers for orchards, livestock, pest control.
  • · Spraying Equipment Supply - Spray equipment and spray packages for pest control.
  • · Summit Hose Reel Manufacturing - High pressure hose reel manufacturing with a lifetime warranty.
  • · Sun Sprayers - Backpack sprayers, weed control and lawn and garden sprayers
  • · Ta Nong Agricultural Machine Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of spraying machines and equipment, power sprayers, and engine fertilizer blower.
  • · TeeJet Spray Nozzles for Agricultural Spraying - Spraying Systems Co. Agricultural Division - TeeJet spray nozzles, boom components and accessories for broadcast spraying, banding and directed spraying. Detailed product specs and technical support center.
  • · Tufflite Spray System - Agricultural Spray boom, tanks, farm spraying equipment. Turn your Row Crop Tractor Into a Custom Sprayer.
  • · WYLIE Sprayers, Inc. - Chemical application equipment for southwest and delta agriculture. Main office and manufacturing facility is located in Petersburg, Texas. Additional facilities are located throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas.
  • · Yung Chi Y.C. Industrial Co. - Manufacturer of agriculturel sprayer, tool, motor lawn mower and garden tools.
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